The Artists

This humble author is extremely grateful to the following people. While I use my hands to pen in words in black and white to paint images to my readers my mind, they use theirs to create artworks that reach the eyes, forms in the mind, and touches the heart.

Sabrina Anne Ricarte

A broke college student and struggling hobbyist artist. Her long term goal is to publish a webtoon, then have an anime adaptation of it. She is dreaming big.

Artwork featured in:


Justine Brooke Chua

Artwork featured in:

Johanna Venice Aquino

A Landscape Architecture student at UP Diliman. She really hopes that she graduates next year. She spends her time drawing, reading, eating, watching whatever and occasionally studying.

Artwork featured in:

Naomi Beatrice Villaflor

Artwork featured in:

Kristin Marielle Topacio

A college student who just wishes to graduate on time. She always has her head in the clouds, creating stories and art she never publishes because she always chickens out.

Artwork featured in:

Athena Andrea Marcelo

Aside from her illegible handwriting and almost-always broken body clock, Athena takes pride in her only talent (or so she thinks), photography. She finds joy in holding he camera which serves as her escape from reality. Included in the things she loves: Coffee, sleep, Nutella, coconuts, traveling, heart to heart talks, family time, and of course knowing that one day, she will get to help those in need. Gritty INFP.

Trisha Kyle Baldoza

One of my dear sisters.


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