So this is the top
But the real question here is
where to go from here?

06/04/2017 7:52 pm || 07/31/2017 7:08 pm

Title from Jacqui Therese Zabala.

Photo taken from Google Images.

And so we have reached, the final entry of The Haiku Syllabary.


I will save the drama and message for the epilogue that I will probably post tomorrow, but for now, let us dwell in the beauty of the word “Zenith” and its accompanying haiku.

We all go about our lives chasing something–our dreams, hopes, feelings, memories, even people.

We all go about our lives working for something–money, happiness, acceptance, wants, even love.

So what do we do when we do achieve it. We caught up with what we are chasing. We got our hands on what we have been working for. What happens next?

Most people aim to be successful in life. They strive for and chase success. Why? Because they think that when they become successful, they’ll achieve happiness. Success in business, in education, in society, in love is what most think will lead them to their happiness.

Then why is that there are a number of “successful” people who still cannot say that they are truly happy?


And this reminds me of a question that I have read on the internet:

“Are successful people happy or are happy people successful?”

It may be a bit hard to believe. I mean, what more could you possibly want when you’re already there at the top?

My answer: happiness. I have always believed that happiness is the greatest motivator in our lives, because when we get to it, it’s really the driving force as to why we strive so hard. We all just want to be happy. Is it too much to ask?

Maybe they climbed the wrong mountain? Or the view at the top isn’t exactly as beautiful as they had hoped? Or maybe they didn’t want to go mountain climbing in the first place and wanted to do something like sky diving instead.

Whatever the reason, its sure to say that they didn’t find what they were looking for. And this situation only compels you to do one thing.

And that is to move forward.

Well, unless you want to rot on that peak, unable to decide what to do now that you realize that your happily ever after isn’t at the top.

So just like that, take the leap of fate and get out of there. Move forward. Find the right mountain, find the perfect view, find what you really want to do. But this time, do things differently.


Appreciate the small stuff, find happiness in simple pleasures. Don’t forget to enjoy the view on the way to the top (or down if you’re sky diving)! Learn, love, laugh and live!

Life is too short to dwell in sadness and misery. Enjoy the journey. Run, climb up, jump down, stumble, fall, then get up and running again!

Find new mountains to climb, companions to share food and stories with, new paths never taken before, and even new dreams you want to achieve, then strive for it.

And when you do reach the peak–that is the peak of happiness, you’ll know that everything has been worth it. As you take in that breathtaking view at the top after time spent climbing, you’ll sit down and breath in and smile.


‘Cuz you did it.

And I actually did it! I can’t believe that I was able to finish this project. Oh em gee. I just can’t take this sort of emotion. It’s a bit bittersweet isn’t it? I’ll miss this.

And to you, guys, thank you very much for sticking with me! Especially those who has been there since day 1, when I was all “Alone” (get it? I hope you do).

You have just witnessed my clumsy self finish a project on time (well, forgive me for being a few minutes late, okay?). This is a milestone for me. It truly is.

But enough with my feelings (for now), I’ll save it for the epilogue. But for now, again, guys, I want to thank you all so much! ^_^

See you for the final chapter in this project! Harts to you guys! 🙂


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