Fate’s threads, being weaved
Time’s waters keep on flowing
Must I yield to this?

06/04/2017 8:56 pm || 06/16/2017 3:16 pm

Title from Vince Joseph Salazar.

Artwork by Vi titled flowing time. Posted with permission.

(For all them DOTA 2 players, sorry but this ain’t about the Juggernaut character with his Blade fury and Omnislash abilities. But by all means, read on.)

We are sailors on the tides of time. Each a captain of our own unique ships, carrier of the flag that is our own persons, protector of our gems that is our memories and experiences and bearer of the scars brought about by time and fate.

Depending on the type of sailor you are, one can be a pirate in search for treasure that is his purpose in life, or that magical fountain which is the source of true happiness. Or one can be those officers with crisp white uniforms voyaging to reach his destination that is his dream in life, or just sailing away to new land which is parts of himself he is yet to discover. Or why not all of it? We can be anything (or anyone) we want to be.

Glide by Vi.

But as captains of our ships, what we can control is just that–our ships. We have no hold over the force of tides. the direction of the wind or the brewing of storms.  What are we to do?

We are sewers of the threads of fate. The makers of the tapestries of our lives, the handlers of the fabric of life and the embroiderers of our stories into these cloths.

Depending on the type of sewers we are, one can be the creator of elegant long dresses their own sophisticated lives, or a maker of short, bright dresses for their sunny, bubbly and adventurous ways of life. Or one can be among those who still utilize the old ways to careful put together a masterpiece woven by hand, thread by thread like how they live their conservative yet beautiful lives, or those who mass produce simple works to gain more in a short period of time like how they prefer to live fast-paced without much attention to detail.

Condense by Vi.

But as sewers of our works, what we control is just that–what we sew. We have no hold over the type of thread there is in the market, it’s strength, quality, and texture. What are we to do?

There’s a lot that we can do, but I am sure that leaving everything up to the uncontrollable forces that affect our lives without doing anything about it is not part of it.

We can hoist or lower the sails, shift the starboard, anchor the ship or even abandon ship if we decide to. We could also ask the help of our fellow shipmates: the first mate, the quartermaster, the boatswain, and the others, to help us in the journey.

We can choose the thread’s color, test its strength, demand for more or even cut it short if we will to. We could also utilize different instruments such as different sizes of needles, threaders, pins and such to help us in creating our masterpieces.

We have the power to utilize what we can use in order to overcome those elements which is not in our hands to control and make them, if not bend to our will, at least lessen their resistance to us achieving our goals.

Sagitta by Vi.

Even if things seem overwhelming and hopeless, we shouldn’t give up. ‘Cause we have the power to do something. And someday, with constant perseverance, hardwork and fate, we’ll reach that other cove, we’ll find that hidden treasure, we’ll drink from the secret fountain’s waters and reach unchartered places. With determination, commitment and time, we’ll hang that tapestry for all the world to see, we’ll exhibit that cloth proudly and treasure that embroidered peices of art.

Of the wild by Vi.

And, someday, we will be able to finish that journey, we will be able to finish that tapestry.

This post features some of the artworks of Vi. I am really honored to be able to be allowed to share her artworks. Yes, all artworks are posted with permission! ^_^

I reallyyy love her artworks. That soft theme and her color palette is just…. LOVE ❤ I really like scrolling through her Tumblr site, admiring her works. It calms me down and soothes me.

barrel rolls onto the bandwagon! ‘meet the artist’ doodle \o/
Barrel rolls onto the bandwagon! ‘meet the artist’ doodle \o/ by Vi.

You can check out her Tumblr site here or follow her on Twitter here. Worth it. ^_^

See you next time!

P.S. Greeting my friend Vince who is chilling in Australia! He just took his last exam for the semester today.  Wishing you a happy vacay, bro!


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