THS: The 2nd Intermission

And that’s five entries again into the THS!

I have to say that was a heavy bunch, especially “Hopeless”. Can’t believe I made a separate work for that because of all the feels. You can read it here, but fair warning ‘cuz some say it is a bit heavy. I tried my best to pull “Isolation” from the depths of despair but I think I failed miserably and that it amounted to the same thing. Sorry. guys!

And I guess it’s a good time to tell everyone to mind our mental health! It’s normally an aspect of health that is easily overlooked since when people say “health” they mostly refer to physical health. But as the definition of wellness go, “It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being” (University of California, n.d.). It includes mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves as well, thus in order to be really well, physical, mental and spiritual health is considered!

You can read more on mental health here, here and here!

Also, I have to say that this batch was a clutch one. Most of it were made on the day itself. I struggled a bit since I had to work this week to render service hours for my academic scholarship then I had to baby sit my cousins then monitor our business at home. Yep, it has been a busy week. But guess what! I completed the needed hours for next semester! That’s quite a load off my shoulders. (Go, self!)

Oh! I also owe you guys the extra ideas I mentioned in “Glimpse”. So as I was saying, I was a block for about hours until the posting time and then suddenly, the ideas flooded me.

The original haiku I created for this title was a more heartbreaking one but after about two days worth of internal battles, I decided to go with the above haiku but I’ll post the original one here since I also put a lot of thought into it along with its supposed featured image.


With just that one sight,
my world shatters as you smile
with someone, not me

They are really different. I know. But in the end, I decided that I’d post something that isn’t related to love and something more about life. If this haiku had won, then the post would have been all about heartbreak and one-sided love which is… I mean, we already experience it in real life, right? No need to be always reminded that we belong to that fraction of the population, right? Right? *tries to hold back tears*

*sniff* Anyway, aside from that, I had a lot more ideas that fit the haiku I chose. I even got to use Levi’s words and a song from my HS days! So in the end, that’s what happened.

I also experienced a block for “Felicity” though that was a minor one. I hope this doesn’t keep happening as often or else…

Then for the last post comes “Juggernaut”! It’s my personal favorite so far. Aside from the legit post, I even got to feature one of my favorite artists, Vi! It was really an honor and I was very happy! Don’t forget to visit her Tumblr!

Woooooh. Ok, I guess that was a long intermission! Haha. Hope to see you guys next time! We are nearing the halfway mark of the project!

Stay with me until the end ok? ^_^

Photo is of some of the characters in anime K Project.
Credits to the owner.

P.S. If you hadn’t noticed, the photos for the and Introduction and Intermissions are really not related to the post itself ^_^ They all feature my favorite anime so I guess it also serves as recommendations? Hihi. ^_^


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