Hello, my friends!

That was quite a break. I didn’t expect it to take this long for me to get in the groove to write this final post for this project. And this past few weeks have been busy, with congresses to grace, meetings to conduct, classes to attend (hooray for surviving my first three days as a 4th year student!), and matters to settle.

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And here we are at the fourth and final intermission of The Haiku Syllabary.

That’s right, guys! Almost two months have gone by so fast and we are nearing the end of the project! After this intermission, it will be full steam ahead to the end! The last six entries will be posted as scheduled.

I actually have mixed feelings about this. There’s this sense of accomplishment that I have been able to create, with the help of my friends and of life, 26 haiku together with their blog posts. I also feel this way towards the fact that I have been able to see to the end my very first compilation project. There’s also this sense of relief that I have been able to do it and that it is now over. But I also feel sad at the same time because of the same reason: it’s over.

Though I have to say this project has been a lot of work, and most of the time I had to rush to beat the deadline (well, this part is my fault) and not to mention the amount of thought put into each and every entry, but I enjoyed all of it, nonetheless.

I should really be saving these thoughts for the post after the last THS entry. It’s not even over yet but I am already feeling tearful. It has been great with you, my dear readers.

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Hello, friends!

So, it’s intermission time!

To be perfectly honest with you guys, I don’t know what to put in today’s post. Haha.

And because of that, I’ll keep this short!

With this batch of haiku, I was a bit carefree so to speak. This takes the cake for most clutch group of posts, with some of them written hours before deadline. I am thankful to myself that I decided to post the entries at 10:00 pm, or else it would’ve spelled trouble.


But, one should not underestimate one’s skill when it comes to cramming. Right, my fellow students?

Now let me tell you a bit of the behind the scenes for some of posts.

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Hello, guys!

So we are five entries into The Haiku Syllabary! *confetti*

I hope you guys are liking it so far! Stay tuned ‘cuz we got 21 more to go.

Anyway, let me share to you something I’ve noticed while working on the project. You know that feeling you get when something happens smoothly without you really aiming for it? Well, that’s I felt when I learned that this project, if everything goes according to plan (and I hope it does. Yah hear me, universe? Don’t mess with my plans, you got that?), this project will be finished by July 31st!

Cooool right?! The completion of the project by exactly the end of the next month. Perfect timing. ^_^

Speaking of coincidences, might as well say that it was not on purpose that the emotions of the latest four haiku formed a pattern: generally sad followed by generally happy posts. I get my moments, you know?

That’s all for now. See you the day after tomorrow for the next entry to the THS!

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Hi, guys!

So I am working on a new project called The Haiku Syllabary (THS)! *insert fireworks*

It’ll consist of 26 haiku’s, all with one word titles starting with the letters of the alphabet! 26 of my friends will help me with this project by providing me with the titles, then I’ll do my best to come up with a haiku that fits that title.

Also, watch out for the accounts and messages that follow the haiku! They contain anecdotes, recommendations, encouragement and sometimes just random stuff.

I am excited and looking forward to this project! Hope you feel the same!

That’s all for now.

Peace out,


P.S. Will be posting entries to the syllbary every other day at 10:00 pm (starting June 3, 2017) 😉

Photo is of Mirai Kuriyama from the anime Kyoukai no Kanata, one of my favorite animes. 🙂
Credits to the owner.

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