What am I feeling?
This feeling of happiness,
full and untainted

06/04/2017 7:00 pm || 07/11/2017 11:12

Title from Hyacinth Jean Isabel Ortiz.

Photo is of Mitsuha Miyamizu from Kimi no Na wa taken from Google Images.

Quintessence, coincidence.

Today’s a day that I feel nothing but pure happiness.

I welcomed today with my family and some of my friends greeting as the clock stroked twelve. Then I proceeded to watching a few episodes of anime and reading a short manga then slept at about 3 am.

I know, I should get some sleep because… I need energy? Or something like that, but I wanted a “normal” birthday (if you know what I mean) and decided that I will celebrate it the way I want to.

My Mom cooked up Japanese curry which is a favorite dish of mine, and I have to say, that really got my day going (yep, woke up late so lunch is the first meal of the day haha).

Then my sisters surprised me by arriving home. We were supposed to pick them up from the dorm where they are staying but they decided to go home so the family can be complete earlier, and that gesture in itself was sweet and it made me happy. 🙂

They gave me a necklace (the only other piece of jewelry I wear aside from a wrist watch (if a wrist watch is considered jewelry that is. I don’t really know), and from the pendant I knew that my family knows me so well to have been able choose something that I’d really like and prefer. It really makes me feel good when people remember small quirks and things about me. It makes me feel cared for and loved, and that’s exactly what I felt with their gift.

We had dinner at a place where my sister and I always wanted to eat in but weren’t able to due to our lack of time and funds. So this made my life complete, not just my day. One thing that I think about birthdays is that it’s a time to complete stuff in your life, like getting that book as a gift to complete that series you were following or eating out in that place you always wanted to eat from but couldn’t due to whatever reason. And for me, it’s also like a time where you can press reset. Where you can tell yourself that “this is it, the starting point I’ve been waiting for”. I know that we can all start change at any moment we decide to, but for me, I find it easier to do so when I set the start of changes with important milestones in my life such as my birthday. Frankly, I feel excited about what this new chapter in my life will bring and I can’t wait to see how it will help me grow and be a better person.

The steady stream of greetings from family, friends and loved ones continued to brighten my day, despite the fact that it was already growing dark due to the setting sun. I can’t possibly describe the feeling of happiness for each and every greeting with the simple thank you’s that I reply with but I want all of you guys to know that I appreciated everything so much, no matter how short or long or late or early your greeting and messages were. I love you, guys so much. Thank you!

And as this day is nearing its end, I though that I had a simple, fun and bright day. But it wasn’t over yet! My family still had one trick up their sleeve and that was decorated our dorm room with green and silver balloons and lots of pictures of us! And of course I won’t forget that salted caramel cake! My favorite! It was a good culminating event for today.

And my org mates even posted a Twitter greeting! Haha.

Looking back, today was a simple day. Not too extravagant which I really do not prefer, but not too plain that I won’t be able to remember it. I was really happy. I appreciated all the small and big things that happened today and am very thankful for each and every one of those things.

Quintessence, was today’s word a coincidence? I don’t know. But what I am feeling right now is truly pure and untainted happiness.

Hi, guys! So you could say this post was a birthday special haha. 🙂

I really had a lot of fun today and I hope that with this short post, I shared some of the happiness with you. I am not really good with telling stories like this but I tried my best! ❤

Oh, and here is a chibi version of myself which was drawn by my friend Sabrina Ricarte. She gave this to me as a birthday gift and I was really surprised and happy. 🙂


See you next time, guys! ❤


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