But You Did Not Notice

There were days that I felt so down and out
About all the things that were going South
All I wanted to do was to sit down and pout
But you were too busy to notice

Some circumstances I felt too happy to talk
But I wanted you with me while I took a walk
To a place where my feelings to you I can unlock
But you were not there to notice

There were times I just wanted to run out of bounds
To throw away all this pain and suffering I have found
To scream until I cannot produce anymore sound
But you were too insensitive to notice

Some days my aura was flickering, changing hue
And the colors were fading, as if on cue
As the darker shade of the world came into view
But you were too blind to notice

There were moments when I adapted a deep tone
And moments where I was silent as a stone
My words to you I would whisper like we were not alone
But you were too deaf to notice

Sometimes I try to not call your name
And pretend to play the “I’m ignoring you” game
Wondering if by doing it, you’d stop acting lame
But you were too preoccupied to notice

There were moments when I wanted to take on the world and all
To climb up that hill, stand proud and tall
I wanted you to be there to catch me if I fall
But you were always missing to notice

And now I am on the point of giving up
Too tired to go on, I just wanted to stop
I am running out of paper, my pen is starting to blot
But still, you did not notice

09/16/15 6:27 pm || 9/17/15 12:57 am


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