THS: The 4th Intermission

And here we are at the fourth and final intermission of The Haiku Syllabary.

That’s right, guys! Almost two months have gone by so fast and we are nearing the end of the project! After this intermission, it will be full steam ahead to the end! The last six entries will be posted as scheduled.

I actually have mixed feelings about this. There’s this sense of accomplishment that I have been able to create, with the help of my friends and of life, 26 haiku together with their blog posts. I also feel this way towards the fact that I have been able to see to the end my very first compilation project. There’s also this sense of relief that I have been able to do it and that it is now over. But I also feel sad at the same time because of the same reason: it’s over.

Though I have to say this project has been a lot of work, and most of the time I had to rush to beat the deadline (well, this part is my fault) and not to mention the amount of thought put into each and every entry, but I enjoyed all of it, nonetheless.

I should really be saving these thoughts for the post after the last THS entry. It’s not even over yet but I am already feeling tearful. It has been great with you, my dear readers.

STOP. Ok, before I get even more emotional, why don’t I give you a short background on the last five entries? Here it goes!

“Prayer” as a title is inspired by my two friends who I believe are both God-loving and God-fearing. I say inspired because the title did not exactly come from their mouths but from their actions. At the time when I was asking for titles, both of my friends were in a bit of dilemma, but despite that, their trust in the Lord’s power did not waver.

The next post, “Quintessence”, was actually a birthday special. I find that that specific word being the title for the post on the exact date of my birthday a great coincidence, because truly on that day, my feelings of joy were of the purest form.

For this set’s chill post, we have “Rice”. Though, despite being the chillest post in this set, it was the only post that was actually posted on time: 10:00 pm sharp. I really do apologize for the late posts but I really tried my best to be able to post them on the day that it was meant to be published. Again, I am sorry.

Going back, I had fun writing this entry. I even learned new stuff! This post, simple at it may seem, really made me realize that there are a lot of things that we barely take notice of even though there is so much we can learn from them.

As for “Serenity”, wording this post really made me calm down. If the chillest post was written by me was “Rice”, then the me who wrote this post was the chillest among other me’s. It made me dig up peaceful times, quiet times, and down times. It was practically therapy to write this post down. It calmed be down.

And last, but definitely not the least, is “Tunnel”. I have to say I have been emotional after the “Serenity” post. True that that post cleared my head and a cleared head provides a venue for thoughts. And, unfortunately, the first thoughts that came by were just a bit depressing. With the help of my overthinking nature and hormones, I got a bit deeper into my storm of thought. But I was able to clear it all away with a bit of willpower and positivity (yes, I know. It is ironic, but that is how it is) and this post is the remnants of my thoughts after the storm.’

And that wraps up the background stories of the past five THS entries!

Only six more to go, guys! Stay with me, we’re charging in ’til the end!

See you the day after tomorrow, my friend!

Photo is of Kotaro Azumi and Akane Mizuno from the anime Tsuki ga Kirei. It’s one of the realest romance anime out there, no kidding.

Credits to the owner of the image.

P.S. “Tsuki ga kirei” is another way to say “I love you” in Japan.


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