D Girl

Born on the same day, a few cities and hours apart
We were connected by seven great artists’ art
A message brought by one baby blue bird
Lead to a thousand more exchanges of thoughts and words

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I’ve been so sad because of all the small things that keep going wrong. But I kept it all in. And now I broke down because I missed (in a game I was playing). They all think I’m crying over a game but the truth is its just the trigger. I’ve been trying to find a legit reason to cry but as I’ve said, all the things making me sad are small things. Each one too small to cry over in itself. But each small thing piled up and now I am just a bundle of sadness. I can’t even remember all the stuff that made me sad but the sadness each one caused me has stayed. I’m tired of feeling sad. I don’t want to. But it’s there. And I don’t know what to do. Why does it really pour every time it rains?

06/30/2018 3:24 am

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She scrolled through the list of songs on her phone. Down. down, down she went but she couldn’t find the right song for this particular moment. Her earphones kept on playing silence into her ear.

She looked through the window at the passing cars as the bus she’s riding made its way slowly through the traffic.

Suddenly, small drops of rain started appearing on the bus windows. Slowly at first, then gradually gaining speed. It wasn’t long before all she could see was a blur of the outside world.

She turned from the window and looked around the bus. Most of the passengers were asleep, their breathing even. Others were watching the small television at the front of the bus showing some random variety show. The rest were either looking down on their phones or looking out the blurry windows.

She turned to her own phone and scrolled again, trying to find the perfect song. Out of the hundreds of songs she had, nothing struck her as something she wanted to listen to.

“Oh well,” she thought. “Guess I have to listen to someone else’s playlist right now.”

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I love you?

I love you? I do?

Is that how being in love feels like? How you brighten my day by just by being… there–doing nothing, saying nothing? How you suddenly wander into my mind, invading my thoughts? And how these thoughts fill me with a desire to see you? To hear your voice and see your smile?

I love you… I possibly do…

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Mangyayari, Mawawala

Ano kayang mangyayari kung aminin ko,
Ang dalisay kong pag-ibig sa iyo?
Matatanggap mo ba ito nang buong-buo?
O ika’y iiwas, lilisan, lalayo?

Ano kayang mangyayari kapag umamin sa iyo?
Kapag nasabi ko na ang matagal kong tinatago?
Hindi na yata kaya ng pusong ito
Ang pagpigil sa pagsigaw ng pangalan mo

Kung kakalabanin ko ba ang itinadhana
Ako kaya ay makararanas ng labis na saya?
Kung isusugal ko ba ang pagkakaibigan natin, sinta
Makakamit ko ba ang pangarap kong kay ganda?

Kay tagal ko nang nagtitimpi
Sa kabila ng hirap, ako’y nakangiti
Ang puso at diwa’y patuloy na binubusisi
Ang magiging desisyon upang hindi magsisi

Sabi ng kaibigan ko’y dapat kumilos na
Ang dapat gawin ngayon, huwag nang ipagpabukas pa
Wala naman daw mawawala kung ako’y aamin na
Walang mawawala, kung hindi siya

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SSS #2

“You’re late. Again.”

I bowed my head as I quickly made my way to an empty seat, feeling all the eyes on me.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

If only you knew how much of me it took to get here and open the damn door.


Meet me at the waterfall
Behind the the bushes and trees
Seek the purple flowers
and the trail of leaves


Follow the sound of water
And the scent of dew
Feel the cool, clean mist
Under the early morning hue


Let’s taste a bit of peace
As we breathe in life
Meet me at the waterfall
At first light

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I lowered my camera as I took in the scene with my very own lenses.

A small smile crept onto my lips as I looked at my screen to see how my subject translated into pixels. The photo came out well, yet my smile seemed to have lost brightness.

I sighed.

“I wish I could share this with you.”

Photogtaph by Rickly Baldoza.




There it goes. 6 inches of the crown of my head. I watched as the strands of my hair flit down softly on to the white tiled floor. There’s no more turning back. I ain’t going back. This was it. I’ll push through. I’m moving on.


There goes my pain from realizing that we are never going to be.

Snip. Snip.

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“Thank you for your patronage!”

I heard the man from the bar say as I pulled the door shut behind me.

“Man, I had a good drink. What do we do? The trains have stopped running.”

Maybe I drank a little too much. The world seemed to be slightly spinning, but I can stand and walk so I guess everything’s good. I looked ahead at my companion who was standing at the edge of the street, waiting for the light to turn green. I draped my arm around him.

“Hey, did you have fun? You were silent this whole time! Did you have enough to drink? Hey! Are you listening?”

I stared at him. His blue button-down shirt that looked like all his other button down shirt. His faded jeans just like all his other faded jeans. And that scarf. That annoying scarf which he uses to cover half his face. Up until his nose so that only his eyes show.

Argh. I want to tear it off him so bad, that scarf. The same old red and black plaid scarf which he uses every time we go out. Every single time. It was just my luck that we became friends during these cold months so he does have an excuse to use it. But damn, I can’t see his face that much because of it.

Well, I do see him at school, but he always has this poker face plastered on him. The only reason a slacker like me and a scholar like him who are both from different majors would meet was because we were both forced to become reps for a certain university Christmas event. And from then on, I just couldn’t leave him alone.

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I leaned back on my chair as I stared at the rays of the sun slowly painting the sky from the tops of the buildings.

Gently placing my cup of coffee on the glass table, I took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. Slowly yet steadily, the world was waking.

I wondered when I started looking at the world this way. The view from this spot outside the coffee shop, under the awning, from the same chair every morning did not change. But somehow, everything was in full color, vibrant and alive.

I glanced at my watch.

6:47, huh?

It’s almost time.

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Hello, my friends!

That was quite a break. I didn’t expect it to take this long for me to get in the groove to write this final post for this project. And this past few weeks have been busy, with congresses to grace, meetings to conduct, classes to attend (hooray for surviving my first three days as a 4th year student!), and matters to settle.

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