At the end, there’s light
That’s what they say, but what if
there’s really nothing

06/04/2017 5:50 pm || 07/17/2017 7:25 pm

Title from Gabriella Isabel Tablante.

Photo taken from Google Images.

Staying positive has always been one of the weapons in my arsenal that I utilize in order to get through life’s battles. But sometimes, it’s really just too hard to wield this weapon in the face of a overwhelming enemies that seem impossible to beat.

They say that we must stand up again when we fall back down, but what are we supposed to do when we get hammered lower into the ground even before we can brace ourselves to stand up?

It’s frightening to think and actually feel that its harder to stay positive during the times when that’s really all that you can do in that particular moment.

And as you look down from the top of the rainbow after that steep and perilous climb, you wonder if there’s really a pot of gold at the end or if this drop down is all that it is: a drop.


But like the train on the tracks as it plunges into the darkness of the tunnel, there’s nothing else it can do but continue on, to push forward, until the very end even if all that will greet it is the inky night. And by doing so, it will get somewhere. Where? Why, it’s destination. And maybe things will be a bit brighter there.


And to that passenger who is consumed by the darkness, he must continue to hope that there’s light at the end. And as he welcomes the chilly night air as they exit the tunnel, he can look up and see the light by the stars, by the moon.  Far as they may be, but there they are, shining through the dark night. And the darker it gets, the brighter they become giving you him more prominent sources of light.

And if the skies happen to be too cloudy or too blank, all he has to do is wait. For dawn, for sunrise.

And surely, his life–and the world–will be filled with light again.


I don’t know why, but while writing this, I found myself listening to Karano Kokoro by Anly. It’s one of the OP of NarutoL Shippuden and one of my personal favorites among OP’s and ED’s.

And one of the choruses of this song goes like this:

Falling through the cracks
You’re falling into the darkness
I will absolutely never let go of your hand
Tell me the story of your life
We’re still only halfway down the road
But I will absolutely never give up on you
Though a life without answers may cause nothing but doubt
Don’t give it up! Keep it up! Turn it upside down!
Our hearts are connected, even if we are far apart
We’ll live together, together

And I find it on point. And maybe that’s what I’ll leave you guys, today 🙂

Don’t give it up! Keep it up! Turn it upside down

See you next time! 🙂

P.S. Smile 😉


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