Someone to talk to
about my secrets, dreams, fears
Am I safe with you?

06/04/2017 12:01 pm || 06/27/17 6:22 pm

Title from Trisha Kyle Baldoza.

Photo is a scene from 5 centimeters per second taken from Google Images.

Everyone wants, if not need, someone once in a while to talk to. May it be small talk, just talking about the weather and how it’s so daaaaaamn hot. I mean it is! (At least here in the Philippines, and it’s even rainy season already! Can you imagine that?) Or just voicing out complaints how that one, that one person just annoys you to the depths of hell even he’s just standing there and breathing. Or having someone there just to sit with you as you try to comprehend what the heck is happening to you and what in the world you are feeling.

Scene from Kotoura-san.

We need (ok, want, for those who denies this worldly fact) people. I know a philosopher once said that we are social beings after all. And that “no man is an island” and all that intelligent-sounding and deep-looking sayings and proverbs about socializing and the like (which are actually thought of and said with great wisdom, you know). People are TLC-seeking organisms (that’s tender, love and care by the way, not tomato, lettuce and ketchup, okay?). They crave for affection, though the amount and manner varies per person to person.

But the question is, who are these persons with which we should open ourselves to? To whom must and can we give the key to hearts, our minds, our souls?

But opening up to someone needs a lot of trust and is linked to certain amounts of risks. You know that quote you can read when you’re scrolling though your Twitter newsfeed that looks like this:


Very bad. We don’t want that to happen to us now, do we? And that’s why some people find it hard to trust people. That’s why let’s remember this when someone does open up to us:


And don’t make them want to post the first picture…

When someone confides in you, or opens up to you, it’s like handing they are giving you the key to their house. They are believe that you won’t judge them for what you see, hear, smell or touch inside, nor would you disclose anything you find inside inside to anyone else. And lastly, they trust you to keep the key safe, for you to treasure it.

The main characters from Nijiiro Days!

Oh! And don’t forget to find someone to trust too! You don’t need a lot of people to confide in, just find one or two that you know you can always rely on, but who is stopping you to get a lot of friends? Just make sure they are true blue ones and not those fair-weather ones or you’ll find yourself in deep trouble when the storm clouds come blowing in.

The search can be long and hard, but I promise you, it will be worth it. If you find the right people who’ll stick with you through thick and thin, you better be ready, ’cause you’ll be having the time of your lives. And it’ll be all worth it.


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