All is Good. All is Fine. All is Alright.

I held my breathe.

Amidst the glasses and plates and pitchers and forks, I can see the bottle slowly coming to a stop.

It turned. It slowed down. It stopped.

It was pointing at me.

I didn’t mind at all, though I was a bit nervous. But what came next was unexpected.

You stood up, smiled and asked me a question.

It was straightforward. It was simple.

“Do you have someone you like? If you do have one, who is it?”

I don’t know why but my eyes overflew for a reason I am not sure of.

I’ll answer it truthfully. I’ll answer it eagerly. I’ll answer it now.

And I told them, I told you…

That it is you.

All is good. All is fine. All is alright.

And as it finally sank in, you looked at me and spoke a word that meant everything.



I said it was good. I said it was fine. I said it was alright.

Everyone was trying their best to act normal and I was thankful that they did.

After a few more laughs and sips and glasses and stories, everyone stood up and prepared to leave. A few waves, a few smiles, a few words of goodbye and we were off.

Everything was good. Everything was fine. Everything was alright.

And nothing was out of the ordinary..

Except for the tears that streamed down my face as I walked the long, dark street back home.

Of course it wasn’t all good. Of course it wasn’t fine. Of course it wasn’t alright.

And I wish, at least a tiny part of you, knew that.

But it will be… in time.

In time, I’ll finally say that I’m good. I’m fine. I’m alright.


03/10/2016 10:54 pm || 03/12/16 1:54 pm

Artwork by Sabrina Anne Ricarte


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