Heart’s Contents

His heart was blue like depths of the sea
Deep and cold and a little unruly
He was always down in the dumps, really
Statements are harp, seldom given tenderly

Her heart was so yellow like rays of the sun
It was seen in her eyes, so bright, so fun
She added flavor to everyone’s buns
Either by her smiles, her hugs or her puns

His heart was green like the grass on the scene
Towards harmony, he was always so keen
Like a fresh, cool breeze, he’d give you spin
Giving you life and energy and a grin

Her heart was black like ashes on a grill
Her world was silent and empty and still
Eyes lacking life and vigor and thrill
Yet she wants to scream, sharp and shrill

His heart was red like that flaming hot rod
He couldn’t care less like he was god
His eyes seething, mouth tasting like blood
He has received everything, everything but laud

But a heart is seldom pure, often with stains
Brought about by laughter, sorrow or pains
Each new color bringing different gains
That aids one’s travel down life’s colorful lanes

03/26/17 10:50 am || 05/09/17 10:06 am

Artwork by Naomi Beatrice Villaflor.

Hi, guys! Author here!

I realized that I just posted my works and never really tried to communicate with you guys… Silly of me.

Anyway, I’ll be leaving notes like this every now and then. I wrote this one to match my friend’s artwork, and also I thought I should write something light once in while. So here it is.

Not really good with poems. I am more of an essayist, you see, but I am working on it. 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you in my next work 🙂


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