Somebody Better

It was a simple crush, nothing vast
I know I wasn’t sure, I know it wouldn’t last
Then I found out something that made me gasp
You fell for me hard, you fell for me fast

I was stunned, I did not know what to do
From the looks of it, your feelings are genuine, true
I’ll try to make it work, this I will do
But alas, it was hard, the things I had to go through

Do you remember those sunny days?
You went forth to set my world ablaze
But it all was just a passing phase
You knew it when you saw the look on my face

It happened so fast, this twist of fate
My heart so heavy, I think it would break
It was my fault that I realized too late
Your love, I just cannot reciprocate

I tried really hard to tell this to you
But I do not know why to you I cannot get through
All those days I felt so down and blue
What else can one girl do?

I did not know why I yearned for another
Maybe we were just not meant for each other
I wish you’ll move on and start over
Because you don’t deserve me; you deserve someone better

05/05/15 6:30 pm || 09/05/15 9:02 pm

Artwork by Kristin Marielle Topacio.


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