Threads of ideas
weaved into words, sentences
‘Tis a masterpiece

06/04/2017 9:07 pm || 07/05/2017 8:19 pm

Title from Kristin Mariel Topacio.

Photo taken from Google Images.

I have always been fascinated at how writers manage to bring forth images, scenes, and sensations from their reader’s mind and imagination. The power of authors to be able to create colorful masterpieces from words printed in black and white have always interested me. Of course, in reading, we also rely on imagination but the triggers and ideas on what to form comes from the words of the writer.

Ever since I was a child, I have been a reader. From classics written by Shakespeare to contemporary and modern books of Rick Riordan and John Green, I read what the books I could get my hands on. Well, it is a different story for academically inclined books, but I did try… sort of. I also read the labels on cereal boxes and stuff but I also think that is a different issue.

Anyway, I find reading very fun, like trying to form the scene in one’s mind then animating them according to what you read. It’s like I am the director of a movie, while also being the head of the sound effects, technical stuff and special effects with the author being the scriptwriter.

Maybe that’s why I like reading over watching movie versions of books. No, I am not going to start a the-book-is-always-better-than-the-movie debate. But personally, I prefer reading books, even for those with movies which stay faithful to the book, because I have much more freedom to form the scenes in my mind. I enjoy imagining the stuff that’s going on: the fight scenes, that quiet night where the protagonist contemplates about life, the turning point where the bad guy realizes his mistakes, or just the setting being described.  When you watch the movie, well, that’s it. You don’t need to imagine as much since the images, the sounds, the scenes, the reactions of the people, the explosions of the bombs are already given directly to the audience. Don’t get me wrong. I like movies, especially when watching them with my loved ones, I am just stating a difference.

And then, one day, I just thought, why not try it? Using words to form sentences that paints a scene for the reader, that elicits emotions from them, that makes them think, imagine, remember.

Then, I just started weaving words, forming sentences, and stitching these sentences together, forming coherent paragraphs, then putting all these paragraphs together to form one big tapestry that is a written work.

And I glad I did. I still have a lot to learn though and have a lot more ways to go and rice to eat before I could be at par with the people that influenced me to start writing but I am doing my best and what I can to improve myself.

I will forever be fascinated by writers and authors out there who bring forth the black and white words that appeals to our senses, touches our hearts, and works the mind. Just like magic.

And this inspires me to become better too in forming my own written masterpieces.

In honor of words, no more additional images for this post 😉

See yah, next time!


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