Mellow marshmallows
roasted at sunset by fire
Daisies fill the air

06/05/2017 1:08 pm || 07/29/2017 5:48 pm

Title from Sabrina Anne Ricarte.

Photo taken from Google Images.

This page was intentionally left blank.


This is a form of appreciation for the people who put these words on blank pages in books and the like. It saves overthinkers from destroying themselves over one blank page.

Anyway, going back… Yellow, huh? Hmmm… Yellow, yellow…

I wanted to paint a calming picture with this haiku. A group of friends, roasting yummy, soft marshmallows over a crackling fire as the they view the pretty sunset. And to add to that joyous effect, daisy petals are floating all around, held adrift by the soft summer breeze.

A fun picture, no? Ever wonder if you have enough of these types of moments in your life? Or have you even experienced anything like this for the past… I don’t know… weeks? months? years?

We all got an idea on the harshness of life, don’t we not? Well, we are all part of this one big race that life set up, always trying to get ahead of other people while taking care not to crash and burn. Literally.


And there’s practically no time to stop and smell the flowers, considering that you are in a race. You’d think of it as something unthinkable. The only break you need is when you hit the pit stop due to some worn out tires or a faulty engine or a discharged battery, and even that stop is deemed a big nuisance and a hindrance to reaching success, which is, in this case, the finish line.

But this is only true if we view life as a race. In my opinion, life is more of a drive. There is no “one and only” finish line. Each person in his own car on the road, travelling to their own destinations, taking their own turns, choosing their own stops, and going at their own pace. We will experience traffic jams and road blocks and flat tires along the way but that gives living a bit of the element of surprise and the unexpected. We are all different people after all, we don’t have to be “like him” or “like her” because in the first place, we aren’t them. We are our own persons.


So go at your own speed, choose your own roads, rest every now and then. You can stop but never quit going forward, even when you have settled down. And like any trip, being prepared for it will be advantageous for you, but don’t plan to the letter! Leave space for error and spontaneity. This in itself makes the whole journey interesting. Remember,   life is one big road trip and you’re the one behind the wheel.

I just want to thank my sister who tried to help me by suggesting to me yellow stuff: bringing me my yellow stuffed toy named Chicky (yes, she is a chick), pointing out that may shirt today is yellow, showing me her yellow pajamas, asking for a bite from my pizza (ok, this has totally no connection to yellow stuff but it sparked an idea in me for this post).

This will be one  of the moments that I will file under my yellow moments–chill, fun, calm and plain happy.


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