Feet traveling fast
Heart’s a palette of colors
like all those bright flags

06/04/2017 12:36 am || 06/04/17 7:14 pm – 07/27/2017 11:22 am

Title from John Xavier Alcantara.

Photo taken from Google Images.

Xenophile Def

I know. I know Another big word. Haha. Compliments to Xavier who originally suggested his name Xavier. Haha. 🙂

This word painted a very colorful image of a traveler, and Japan being one of the place I really wanted to go to, I envisioned the traveler roaming the streets of Japan, marveling at its wonders.


I’ve been to Japan once, and I have to say those days belong to THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. No kidding. I shall never forget. Hope to go back there someday.

There are still a lot more places I want to visit, both domestic and international, but for now, I do not have the means nor the time to do so. Maybe during one of those things they call vacation and breaks, I might be able to go on short trips with my family or friends. But who knows when that will come. After this semester? After graduation? After board exams? Who knows.

Aside from the money you need for such trips, there’s always the issue of the availability of those you want to go on a trip with. Based on experience, this is the number one hindrance that prevents me and my friends from hitting the road and going on the actual trip.

Also based on experience, spontaneous trips are more likely to actually happen than planned ones. You just do it, get out and get going. Though the trip may not be as efficient as those planned ones but at least the trip got off the drawing board and was actually animated in real life. I know everyone has piles of sketches lying around in their head of plans and trips and hangouts that can’t seem to happen no matter how much you become pushy with your friends or how much you research on the subject. Life sometimes just gives you one big roadbloack and most of the time, there is no way around it. So much for that trip. There it goes, being filed under “sketches that are still sketches”.

Well, at least you got a good laugh out of all those failed plans with the same friends you planned them with as you take a trip in your mind of what could have been.

And I think, that’s something too. 🙂

I saw this picture when I was feeling for the right picture for this entry and found the image below. It didn’t win the place for featured image in this post it still reminds me of the word xenophile so I’ll place it here. 🙂


Pretty… 🙂

Peace out, friends. Two more to go! Hope you stick with me ’til the end. 😀



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