THS: Epilogue

Hello, my friends!

That was quite a break. I didn’t expect it to take this long for me to get in the groove to write this final post for this project. And this past few weeks have been busy, with congresses to grace, meetings to conduct, classes to attend (hooray for surviving my first three days as a 4th year student!), and matters to settle.

And so, to start this off, to all my dearest readers, thank you very much for sticking with me until the very end. The thought of you guys reading my post has been one of the greatest motivations for me to finish this and to be on time with my posts (as much as I can). There are no words to describe my gratitude for your reads, likes, and comments. Thank you.

Next, to all the people who have helped me with this project, starting with the people who humored me and gave me titles even when I asked out of nowhere. They had my brain working with the variety of words they gave, from hard-to-spell-words and words I didn’t even know existed to the very simple ones that actually had me taken aback and those which were out of the ordinary. Thank you for not letting my brain stagnate throughout vacation.


To my editors and advisers, thank you for being honest with me and for providing me feedback on my writings, encouraging me to “don’t dare skip my deadline” and reminding me of my streak of posting every other day and the agony it will cost me one day if I break it. It really kept me going like coffee.

To all my friends and family to whom I ranted to that I can’t think of what to write, thank you for supporting me by sending me possible inspirations, laughing with me at my chronically clutch attitude,  cheering me up from my anxious mood and congratulating me for yet another cutting-it-close entry.

And to the Lord of course and to fate for providing me material to write about, moments that inspired me and instances that triggered the writer in me. I am truly grateful for the seemingly random stuff you suddenly give me and the seemingly coincidental scenarios you let me experience that suddenly flicked on the light bulb inside my head, allowing me to write my haiku and entries.

Though seemingly small, this is really, truly a great achievement for me, especially since I am a chronically late procrastinator whose energy comes in spikes. I am thankful and proud to have finished this project that I actually started on a whim. It was rewarding, tiring yet fun experience that tested my imagination and my, allow me to call it, skill.

I hope to see you guys again in my next posts and projects. Just a bit of a tip-off, I’ve really gotten into writing short stories right now and will be posting some of my first ones in the coming days.

And so, I end my very first literary project.

The Haiku Syllabary has been completed.

Thank you.


Photo is of the main characters from the anime Bungou Stray Dogs, a truly good show.

Credit to the owner.


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