Soft, smooth, round or, rough
Removes dirt and all that stuff
Found by the bathtub

06/04/2017 7:54 pm || 06/29/2017 9:04 am

Title from Mark Angelo Gorgon.

Photo taken from Google Images.

(For all trypophobic people, I promise there is nothing scary in this post. Sorry for the trigger. 😦 Huhu.)

Don’t look at me. Believe me, I tried to make him give me a different word but… Hahaha.

Here’s our conversation 😀 (I’ll provide a full English translation at the end of this post).

See? Haha. I guess a part of me wanted to put a really-not-so-serious topic in here and then, great timing (or not?), he suddenly goes and suggests this. And I guess I wanted to take on the challenge of doing a post with something so… random. Hahaha. So that’s why you’re reading this. Peace hehe.

So, I was surfing the net, trying to find ideas for this post and look at what Google churned up:

Screenshot (201)

Funny stuff right there. And look at this:

Screenshot (201)

Life’s so weird you know??? I know.

So I looked it up and it seriously packs a punch…. I mean look at all these uses!

Screenshot (203)

Though there is that “insufficient evidence” disclaimer but hey. Oh, and there’s also a line in the website that says “There isn’t enough information to know how luffa might work”. You know what, nevermind. But that’s really how science goes, right? We’re still discovering stuff and confirming stuff. And they are honest about it. That’s good. By the way, this was taken from a WebMD site which you can see here.

Going back to the Google search results, the first link which is from the Huffington Post is an informative and funny read. No kidding. You can read it here. Seriously, there’s like “microwave it” and “lavender-scented bacteria”. OMG, why am I laughing so hard at this. HAHAHA.

*wipes tears from laughing so hard* Sorry, I don’t know why I am laughing so much and this post is not making sense anymore. HAHAHA.

Ok, imma end this. HAHAHA.

Anyway, consider this as comic relief from all that heavy stuff for the past few weeks. And it’s this month’s last post! That’s right people, we are entering July! Aren’t you excited? I would be really excited if it weren’t for the thought I only have one. more. month. before. university. again.

Hahaha. Got to really make most out of this ‘cuz fourth year ain’t gonna be easy.

Hope you guys have great vacations too!

So here’s my conversation with Mark in full English.

*after greeting him through text*


Me: I have a request!
I am making a literary project hahaha.. Just a personal one XD
So, it’s a compilation of haiku with one word titles… then I ask my friends to give the one words then I’ll make a haiku out of it. :
Is it ok if you give a word? :
Mark: Hmmm
Me: Wait. So you’re game? 🙂
Mark: Yes, I’ll just have to give a word, right haha
Me: D, F, G, J, L, N, O, Y
It should start from these letters. Choose one hehehe 🙂
Mark: Loofah
XD BABABAHA (this is supposed to be hahahaha but I was laughing to hard so…)
Heyyyy, is that really serious?
Mark: Yes HAHAHA
Me: Gorgs, dali naaaaaaa (Gorgs, is a nickname I have for mark)
Mark: Yes I am seriously suggesting loofah haha
Me: You are disqualified
Mark: Watda hahaha
Me: HAHAHA.. OH MY GOSH, COME ONNNNNNN. Are you really serious with that? XD hahahaha
Mark: Yes, seriously hahaha
Come on, do it.

[End of translation]

Haha. I had fun translating. Some expressions in Filipino are really hard to find an equivalent for in English so I just put it in the best way I can think of without the meaning changing. And it was hard keeping on counting the number of “ha” in our “hahahaha”‘s so I don’t think those were accurately copied. This was so funny XD anyway, that’s it for now! See yah next time! 🙂


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