Feelings nullified
Endless emptiness exist
There remains nothing

06/04/2017 12:00 pm || 06/06/2017 1:42 am

Title from Hazel Kolyn Baldoza.

Photo taken from Google Images.

Everyone feels lonely sometimes. Anyone can feel that they’re at the very bottom of the pit. Unheard, unneeded and not cared for.

Sometimes, we feel that our feelings are invalidated. That our feelings are rendered meaningless, irrelevant, and unimportant.

And thus, we are left empty. We feel empty.

Void Add2

And this emptiness can be dangerous. It can blind us to things that matter and even from the very things that can fill the hole in our hearts. We are sucked down into a pit of despair, of sorrow, of loneliness.

What’s worse is that aside from being at the bottom of the abyss, we even build walls around us, further isolating ourselves from the world, from the hurt, and from the causes. But at the same time, we also close ourselves to the people who care.

That is, considering we do know who cares.

I quote the following lines spoken by a character in an anime I once watched:

“Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

I myself, find it true. In our efforts to alleviate the nothingness we feel, we seek to find people from whom we can borrow the strength to lift ourselves up from this hole. We seek to find people who truly care about our well being and not just those who linger in fair weather.

And that’s okay. After all, no one can blame you in your search for something substantial in this world which seems to rob us of things. Just remember, relationships go two-way. We must grant others the opportunity to get to know us. We must open some of our windows that peer into our soul and allow them to discover us. We must genuinely want to be found. It is too way after all.

Void Add

And of course, we wouldn’t just stand there at the bottom of the pit waiting for the rope that will be thrown down at us, now would we?

We must also help ourselves. We must strive to to rise above this obstacle too. And in the process, we might find more than just ourselves too, more than the pieces that we would fit in the holes of our hearts.

And regarding the filling-the-hole-in-our-hearts business, let me quote another one of the same character’s lines:

“If what you lost was too big and you can’t replace it with something else, you don’t have to replace it with just one thing, right? If you get ten small things or a hundred small things, all together it will be enough of a reason for you to keep going!”

And those tiny pieces, put together will patch up that gapping wound in you heart. Little things do matter, you know?

Just remember, push forward always! It’s ok to take break too, just don’t you  quit.

Because that’s when it is truly over.

I hope I eased even a bit of your emptiness.

I wish you inner peace. 🙂

P.S. The character I referred to earlier is Futaba Yoshioka from Ao Haru Ride.


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