I love you?

I love you? I do?

Is that how being in love feels like? How you brighten my day by just by being… there–doing nothing, saying nothing? How you suddenly wander into my mind, invading my thoughts? And how these thoughts fill me with a desire to see you? To hear your voice and see your smile?

I love you… I possibly do…

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There it goes. 6 inches of the crown of my head. I watched as the strands of my hair flit down softly on to the white tiled floor. There’s no more turning back. I ain’t going back. This was it. I’ll push through. I’m moving on.


There goes my pain from realizing that we are never going to be.

Snip. Snip.

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I Don’t Care About Forever, I’d Rather Be With You In The Moment

I am living in the now.

I am living in this moment where I can feel his hand in mine as we walk under the trees with no one around to marvel at the miracle that is us. Now, where I can hear his soft laughter while knowing that I am the cause of that sound. This moment, where I can make him smile with my small gestures and fill his eyes with happiness. Every moment that I am with him, where I am constantly praying for this moment to not end and for this to last longer, I wish not for forever.

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To The Girl He Fell In Love With Instead Of Me

To the girl that he loves now,

I tried.

I really, really tried to get to him. I wanted him to be happy because he is one of those people who truly deserve happiness. He has gone through so much pain and endured so much sorrow. I thought it was time for him to experience what was constantly evading him–happiness in love.

It was always slipping from his grasp.

That is, until he met you.

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Isang Kaha

Pito. Nakapitong stick ka na ng sigarilyo. Para sa akin, pitong beses mo ng pinarusahan ang sarili mo sa kakaihip at buga mo ng usok. Pero para sa iyo, nakakapito ka pa lang sa dala mong kaha na lagi mong bitbit. Kada buga mo ng usok ay para bang naninikip ang dibdib ko. Ngunit sa iyo, ang kada buga ang siyang nagpapaluwag ng damdamin mo. Continue reading “Isang Kaha”


“I want a reset on our relationship.”

The girl said so to the guy she loved and who loved her back. They were in love. Their feelings were true. But not anymore. They accepted this fact. They smiled. They moved on. They remained friends.

This is the exact scenario I played in my head a million times. Wishing that I had the courage to say those words to you. Wishing that you had the courage to accept them. And wishing a better life for both of us. Continue reading “Reset”

As the Lights Change

Behind the curtain that is black and heavy, I stared at the darkness in front of me. The sound of rock blasted from the large speakers, accompanied by laughter and screams and shouts from the unseen people in the room. The smell of liquor and smoke lingered in the air. But I had no thoughts on this whatsoever for there was only one thing on my mind: you. And for a second, the lights flashed. Continue reading “As the Lights Change”

Sa Wakas

Hirap na hirap na ako.

Hirap na hirap na akong intindihin itong damdamin ko. Ano ba talaga ang nararamdaman ko para sayo? Gulong-gulo na ako.

Ang alam ko, sa bawat araw na pagpasok sa unibersidad, umaasa akong masisilayan kita. Kahit saglit lang, kahit sandali lang, ayos na. Basta makita kita, pakiramdam ko buong-buo na ang araw ko. Pakiramdam ko ay kaya ko ng harapin ang anumang ihatid sa akin ng tadhana. Continue reading “Sa Wakas”

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